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Example: 200 homes * 3.5 people/home * 100 gal per person per day = 70,000 GPD

Example: volume required between working volume and lowest inlet invert

Pump Station Design and Option Selection Form


10' 10" (base, valve vault section and cover)12' 10"13' 10"14' 10"15' 10"16' 10"17' 10"18' 10"19' 10"20' 10"21' 10"22' 10" (max structural height)

2' Valve Vault Riser (non-stock) - overall interior VV height 6' 8"4' Valve Vault Riser (non-stock) - overall interior VV height 8' 8"

Concrete Admixture for Hydrogen Sulfide ProtectionExterior Dampproofing Treatment (vertical below grade surfaces)

300# (pedestrian)H20 (occassional vehicle Wheel Load)

Aluminum Ladder-Up

Discharge Position #1 Discharge Position #2 Discharge Position #32" PVC Piping & Valves3" PVC Piping & Valves3" DI Piping to CI Valves to 3" DI Discharge4" DI Piping and CI Valves6" Piping and CI Valves (only in RC611 structure)

Asphalt Coated - Manufacture Supplied (standard)Prime Coat with Coal-Tar Epoxy Finish CoatPrime Coat with Tnemec N69 Hi-Build Epoxoline Finish Coat

Check Valve - air cushion (optional)

Galvanized (standard)Stainless (optional)

None Required2" PVC Bypass3" PVC Bypass3" DI Bypass (not available with postion #2 discharge)4" DI Bypass

None Required0-15psi0-30psi0-60psi0-100psiUnknown Range

2"1 1/2"1"3/4"Unknown Size

4" PVC Gooseneck with Stainless Insect Screen Attached to Station (standard)4" PVC with Carbon Odor Control Canister Attached to Station (optional)Opening with Manhome Boot for Site Venting by Others (optional)

Shipped Loose (standard)Mounted to Station (optional)

All Interior (X-proof Nema 7 pump j-boxes)All Exterior Nema 4XInterior Float J-Box OnlyNone (PCP mounted to station of otherwise)

Floats (standard)Transducer w/ emerg. FloatsTransducer w/ back-up Floats

None RequiredPerforated ScreenBar Rack

None RequiredAluminumStainless Steel

None Required300# (optional)1000# (optional)